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Parishes with plots in Brookwood Cemetery

Links with London parishes were developed through contracts with the Poor Law Guardians for the burial of the parish poor usually, but not necessarily exclusively, those who died in the workhouses. Although the promoters of Brookwood Cemetery anticipated that most metropolitan parishes would select Brookwood for their burial grounds, very few did so.

The entrance to the burial ground of St Alban the Martyr, Holborn

The lists which follow are not necessarily comprehensive. The parishes listed are distinguished further by identifying those which maintained separate burial grounds at Brookwood for their dead, and those without (as far as is known) identifiable plots within the Cemetery.

The Brookwood Cemetery Society organises guided walks during the course of the year, some of which feature these parish plots.

Some London Parishes which used Brookwood Cemetery

ParishDates using Brookwood
Bermondsey December 1854 - ?
Chiswick January 1855 - ?
St George's, Bloomsbury November 1854 - c1900?
St Giles'-in-the-Fields November 1854 - c1900?
St Luke, Chelsea November 1854 - c1900?
St Nicholas, Deptford February 1855 - c1900?
St Paul's, DeptfordFebruary 1855 - c1900?

Some London Parishes with Designated Burial Plots at Brookwood Cemetery

Parish Dates using Brookwood
St Alban's, Holborn 1863 - present
St Anne's, Soho (Westminster) April 1855 - c1900?
St John, Westminster April 1855 - c1910?
St Margaret, Westminster April 1855 - c1910?
St Saviour's, Southwark November 1854 - c1900
St Stephen's, Kensington c1910 - present
Swedish Church in London 1857 - present

Photograph The Brookwood Cemetery Society

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