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Dame Rebecca West (1892-1983)

Rebecca WestAuthor, reporter and critic. Rebecca West was born Cicily Isabel Fairfield, and began writing for the "Freewoman" in 1912 under the pseudonym "Rebecca West". Her first book was a study of Henry James and was published in 1916. She became the lover of H.G. Wells, and subsequently married the banker Henry Maxwell Andrews in 1930. Her many novels include "The Return of the Soldier" (1918), "The Judge" (1922), "Harriet Hume" (1929), "Black Lamb and Grey Falcon" (1941) and "The Fountain Overflows" (1957). Her reportage includes "The Meaning of Treason" (1949) and "A Train of Dame Rebecca West's grave at BrookwoodPowder" (1955). Rebecca West is buried in plot 81 under a simple headstone which records her three names.

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Photographs Anthony Montan

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