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Dr Robert Knox (1791-1862)

Dr Robert KnoxAnatomist and ethnologist. Knox was a distinguished anatomical lecturer, and was Lecturer in Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh between 1825-41. Knox was also a leading teacher at Barclay's School of Anatomy which attracted record levels of students.

Knox was an enthusiast of practical dissection and the anatomy schools required a steady supply of "subjects". In 1827-28 Burke and Hare began to supply him with suitable "subjects" for his classes. When their crimes were discovered during 1828, Knox was implicated, but was not summonsed to give evidence. Hare turned King's evidence and Burke was subsequently hanged and dissected. Knox was popularly considered Dr Knox's memorial at Brookwoodjust as guilty and he eventually moved to London in 1842.

Dr Knox's memorial at Brookwood

Knox became pathological anatomist at the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital at Brompton. He was buried in plot 100, although the small granite block on his grave was placed there as recently as 1966 by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

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Photographs Brian Parsons and John Clarke

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