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Known Holders of the Victoria Cross Commemorated in Brookwood Cemetery

Memorial to James Hollowell VCThe following tables list the known holders of the Victoria Cross commemorated in the Cemetery. There are two lists: one for those known to be buried at Brookwood and one for those commemorated on a memorial. The total of 15 is one of the highest for any British cemetery. 

Memorial to James Hollowell VC

Further information listed here is courtesy of David Harvey, whose definitive book, Monuments to Courage: Victoria Cross Headstones & Memorials (1999), is highly recommended for further reading. 

The Brookwood Cemetery Society organises guided walks during the course of the year, some of which feature these parish plots.

Our VC trail is now available - see our list of publications for further details. 

Known Holders of the Victoria Cross who are buried in Brookwood Cemetery


VC won 

ADDISON, Rev. William Robert Fountaine (1883-1962)

Mesopotamia, 9 April 1916 

BEAK, Daniel Marcus (1891-1967) 

Longest Wood, France, 21, 25 August & 4 September 1918 

FRISBY, Cyril Hubert (1885-1961)

Near Graincourt, France, 27 September 1918 

HARTLEY, Edmund Baron (1847-1919)

Moirosi's Mountain, Basutoland, 5 June 1879 

HOLLOWELL, James (1823-1876) 

Lucknow, India, 26 September 1857 

INKSON, Edgar Thomas (1872-1947)

Colenso, South Africa, 24 February 1900 

KELLY, John Sherwood (1880-1931)

Marcoing, France, 20 November 1917 

KENNY, William (1880-1936)

Ypres, Belgium, 23 October 1914 

MANGLES, Ross Lowis (1833-1905)

Arrah, Indian Mutiny, 30 July 1857 

MEIKLEJOHN, Matthew Fountaine Maury (1870-1913)

Elandslaagte, South Africa, 21 October 1899 

REYNOLDS, William (1827-1867) 

Battle of the Alma, 20 September 1854 

WRIGHT, Wallace Duffield (1875-1953)

Nigeria, 26 February 1903 


Known Holders of the Victoria Cross who are commemorated in Brookwood Cemetery


VC won

Form of Commemoration 

HALLOWES, Rupert Price (died 1915)

Hooge, France, September 1915

Inscription on family grave 

MARTINEAU, Horace Robert (1873-1916)

Near Mafeking, South Africa, 26 December 1899

Inscription on family grave 

PEARSE, Samuel George (died 1919) 

Emtsa, Russia, 29 August 1919

Commemorated on the Russia Memorial, Military Cemetery 

Photograph Anthony Montan

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